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Falling out or sinking into the mattress

Some people find that they fall out or sink into the mattress. This issue can be the result of a number of factors and is not necessarily the mattress that is causing the issue.

The mattress and base pairing

Our mattresses are designed to perform best when combined with the matching ensemble base. If the mattress is paired with a different base this can affect the mattress support and performance which may result in you feeling you are falling out or sinking into the mattress.

Size of base

It is important that the base is the same size as the mattress. A different size mattress and base can cause sinking into or rolling out of the bed.

Wooden Slats

Wooden slats need to meet the following requirements in order to properly support the mattress.

  1. 12 or more slats from head to foot down the bed. If there are less than 12 the gaps between the slats are likely to be too large.
  2. The gaps between the slats should be no more than 8cm apart.
  3. In double or larger sized bases, a supporting centre leg to the ground is required.


Flexi-slats will soften over time and to ensure an even support the flexi-slats need to be rotated head to foot every 6 months. If the flexi-slats have been in the same position for over 6 months the middle section(s) will be more flexible and create a softer patch that can cause sinking into or rolling out of the bed.

Is it the mattress or base?

By removing the base from the equation, and sleeping with the mattress directly on the floor, it allows the mattress to be tested to determine whether it is the mattress or the base that is most likely causing the problem. Where the base is the source of problem, the sinking into the mattress or rolling out will no longer occur. If it is still occurring it indicates that the mattress is most likely the source of the issue.

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